This website primarily serves as a companion to the textbook entitled "Financial Services in the Twenty-First Century" published by Palgrave macmillan in July 2021. The author, John JA Burke, is a professor and author. Secondarily, the website contains lectures and information on related themes. The website eventually will support my new textbook currently under production.

The published textbook weaves several themes. First, it explains why a seamless global financial system is impossible within a world of distinct Nation States. Second, it explores the relationship between the financial system and economic growth or productivity. Examination of this topic calls into question the conventional narrative that financial institutions, serving as intermediaries, channel household savings to commercial enterprises so that these companies invest and grow for socially productive purposes. Third, the concept of money, a purely "social construct" is investigated thoroughly from an historical perspective. Fourth, the textbook explores the roots of cryptographic currency, explaining for example Bitcoin and Ethereum, and their use of distributed ledger technology and juxtaposes these developments against central bank digital currencies . Fifth, the textbook defines FinTech and describes the application of artificial intelligence and decentralised applications to financial services s. Finally, the text attempts to evaluate the likely future of financial services in a FinTech/Cryptographic/AI world. Mistakes are the author's.

The website updates information contained in the textbook as it becomes obsolete or incorrect, provides third-party links to additional resources, provides access to PPT presentations, and adds more practical exercises for students. In short, the revisions keep the book on the cutting edge.